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Hi, I’m Roger Straw…

Roger Straw, Benicia, California

On these pages, you will find four current and ongoing projects:

〉〉  The Benicia Independent – Eyes on the Environment / Benicia News & Views

〉〉  Mary Susan Gast.com

〉〉  My Family Genealogy Pages

〉〉  American White Pelican Log – Benicia, CA, 1999-present

In addition, here’s some old stuff, just for fun and safe-keeping….

〉〉  Kilauea Volcano watch – 2018

〉〉 Old Family Photos from Donna & Jim 

〉〉 Benicia Independent EARLY DAYS (archive as of 11/23/2007)

〉〉 Kauai Journal – 2013

〉〉 Vaughn’s Prints

〉〉 Our Shade Garden

〉〉 Vaughn’s Clock

〉〉 Vaughn plays Pop Goes the Weasel (March, 2013)

〉〉 My old front page … (same stuff as here, plus a little.)

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