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Vaughn plays Pop Goes the Weasel (March, 2013)


Current Work:

Previous Work - archived:

  • Aroma Indian Cuisine, Benicia, California
    I no longer run Aroma's website. Here is an archive of my work:

  • The Benicia Independent - EARLY DAYS
    First appeared online on 11/03/2007 - here is how it looked on 11/23/2007:

  • Aroma Indian Cuisine, Napa, California
    I no longer run Aroma's website. Here is an archive of my work:

  • Elizabeth Patterson for Mayor
    This is a partially functional archived page from Elizabeth's 2011 campaign (I co-designed with Miyoji Productions):

  • Vallejo Intertribal Council
    The VIC organization folded in 2014. This is an archived copy.

  • Sacred Run 2006
    An archived copy...

  • Benicia Clean Tech Expo 2013
    An archived copy...

    No longer active - an archived copy...

  • Dana Dean for School Board, 2009 campaign
    An archived copy...

  • Green Gateway Group
    No longer actively maintained - an archived copy...

  • Solano County Supervisor Linda Seifert

  • Linda Seifert for Supervisor, 2008 campaign

  • US WarWatch, May, 2006 - October, 2007
    Documenting war dead, Iraq & Afghanistan. An archived copy...

Previous work - not archived...

  • Bicycle Benicia
 (not archived)
  • League of Women Voters Benicia
 (not archived)

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