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From The Benicia Independent:
11/8/07, 2:41pm
IT'S OFFICIAL: Patterson wins final vote, margin of victory 184

Elizabeth responds to the last-minute hit-pieces mailed by her opponent: "We are for clean campaigns. We are disappointed in the 'hit pieces.'  When Patterson is Mayor, we will get clean campaign ordinances."

Election day special: see Elizabeth's recent e-alerts:


Thank you Benicia
for allowing me to serve you!

Patterson 4,052  50.98%
Whitney 3,868  48.67%

Check out the new poem by Benicia's
Poet Laureate, Joel Fallon
"A Different Kind of Mayor -
Plan the Work - Work the Plan"

Recent comment from a supporter:
"Bill Whitney voted to move the Seeno project forward. Elizabeth voted NO. What are all these mailers saying that Whitney wants to slow the project down?"
Elizabeth's response: Bill voted against my ordinance which would have restricted big box stores in Benicia. Bill voted for the Seeno project to move forward (vote was 3-2 - Messina, Whitney, Hughes). Just the facts, folks, just the facts..

I BELIEVE it is time for a new kind of Mayor, time for a different kind of politics. Benicia needs a Mayor who is independent of special interests, someone who is a leader in embracing open and clean government policies, someone who keeps the public's interest first, and appoints commissioners based on expertise and no conflict of interest.

See my official
Campaign Statement

Central Dems Endorse
Elizabeth for Mayor!

Following an interview with the candidate on September 5, the The Solano County Democratic Central Committee voted to endorse Elizabeth Patterson for Mayor of Benicia. Here are the formal questions and answers from the interview.

Solano County
Orderly Growth Commmittee Endorses Elizabeth for Mayor!

Press Release, Oct. 29, 2007:
The Solano County Orderly Growth Committee is pleased to announce its unanimous and enthusiastic support for Elizabeth Patterson ... (continued).


Council Member Patterson has served on the Benicia City Council since her election in 2003.

She served on the Benicia Planning Commission (1998 - 2000) and was Chair of the General Plan Oversight Committee for three years from beginning to end (1995-1998).

Ms. Patterson has been or currently serves on City committees including

  • People Using Resources Efficiently
  • Sunshine (open government)
  • Solano Economic Development Corporation
  • Association of Bay Area Governments
  • San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (alternate), and
  • Sky Valley Open Space.

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Elizabeth Patterson for Mayor of Benicia

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